Considerations for New Solar Panel Installation

If you are in the market for new solar panels but have never gotten around to an actual installation, the window to make that jump is now fully open. Some experts predict an increasing use of solar power systems across the country in the next several years. Still, before you call in for an installation, there are factors you must account for.

KENDRICK LAKE OF THE PINES 1Insulation. Before you have those solar panels installed, you will have to have proper insulation in your home to maximize your investment. An insulated house with sealed doors and windows, as well as using energy-efficient LEDs, helps you save 10% to 15% of your energy bills. This would also lessen the amount and size of solar panels you need to install.

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Sun Exposure. Not all areas of your roof are ideal for the panels. Solar arrays are more functional when installed on rooftops facing west, or on the side that has limited shade or shadows. Remember that PV systems will serve you better with more sun exposure.
Roof Repair. Before installing solar panels, any roof-related problems will have to be fixed to avoid having to replace or cover the roof parts that have the panels on them. Moreover, get local permits as the type and cost of solar panels vary per municipality.

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