Expert Solar Installation – Custom Solutions For Going Green and Saving Money

Solar Energy Designs brings a holistic and personal approach to customers looking for creative solutions to rising energy costs.

Solar Energy Designs takes pride in creating the highest performing solar panel power systems for both residential and commercial applications. Our systems are designed and built to the highest industry standards to ensure your project stands the tests of time. Whatever the size, you will get a system that works for you and will, in turn, help preserve the precious resources of our planet. Solar Energy Designs brings a holistic and personal approach to anyone looking for creative solutions to rising energy costs that are planet friendly and financially advantageous. Our primary goal is to help you achieve energy independence.

Solar Installation – Serving The Greater Sacramento Area

Are you ready to lower your dependency on fossil fuels such as coal, oil, and natural gas? At Solar Energy Designs we take pride in the work we do and what we offer. What do we do? We install custom-engineered solar systems  for both residential and commercial clients in the greater Sacremento area. What do we offer? We offer peace of mind. We offer a green solution to energy creation for your home or business that is better for the environment and better for the check book. Tired of seeing your energy prices increase each year? It just may be time to do something about it. Contact us.

Why Solar Power?

It Reduces Dependency on Fossil Fuels

Solar energy does not require the use of fossil fuels and is, therefore, less dependent on this limited AND expensive non-renewable resource. While there is always variability in the access to sunlight, with a properly engineered and installed solar system you can have a highly reliable long-term energy source at a fixed price.

Save On Your Electric Bill

If that alone doesn’t get you excited, we don’t know what will! With a solar system installation from Solar Energy Designs, you will see an immediate electric bill savings. Not only that, but the longer you are using solar energy, the larger your savings become! How? Because each year while electricity prices are increasing the clean energy that you’re getting from the sun will always remain free. But, at Solar Energy Designs we’ll do you one better. Since we use only use the highest quality panels available (exclusively Sunpower) you don’t have to worry about the kilowatt degradation you get using a lesser quality brand. If you want to learn more about Sunpower panels and why we use them, contact us and let’s have a conversation.

Increased Home Value

That’s right. Homes with solar power are more desirable than homes without. An average sized installation on a $500,000 home can easily see a $20,000 increase or more in the retail value of your home.

Environment Impact

  • Cleaner water, soil, and air is better for everybody.
  • Greater energy security with the reduction of the need to import fuel.
  • Economic growth through the creation of green jobs.
  • Reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

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